CR TECHNO OPPORTUNA SRL is a digital transformation company, which purpose is to resolve our clients’ needs providing a full-spectrum of tools such as marketing, cybersecurity, and technology infrastructure. We also provide advisory services to solve business challenges based on the best international practices COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019 by enhancing company management and its projects or as a support of its strategy plan.

General Objective

Provide our clients the best quality services in technology infrastructure and cybersecurity, data security in conjunction with excellent support in marketing consulting services.


CR TECHNO OPPORTUNA SRL is the digital transformation company which structure and experience make us innovators in the fronts of technology infrastructure, cyber security, and marketing.


Business management and continuity many times go in hand with the investment companies execute on key points such as data security, technology infrastructure, and marketing. This is why we make use of our assets and constant innovation to find comprehensive solutions to deliver confidentiality, accessibility, security, and data backup as well as a reliable marketing strategy.