One of the most prominent features that distinguish contemporary societies is their strong fundament in the use of data and information to accomplish almost any human endeavor today. This is particularly true for modern businesses and companies, which depend on computers, networks, and the delicate array of settings and balances that are necessary to carry out their most essential activities, such as making transactions, registering events, and promoting their products and services.

At Opportuna, Information Technology (or “IT”) is the house specialty. With more than two years of experience in the art and science of computer management and online security, our IT professionals ensure proper, dedicated, and timely management of your data and the hardware that makes it possible.


Advice on VOIP services.

Maintenance of telephony solutions.

Implementation of PBX solutions on site or in the cloud.

Equipment and Management.

Integration of National and International SIP Trunk services.

Local numbers, Toll Free in different countries.


Database Administration


High availability

Real-time replication

SQL 2017-2019 Enterprise Licensing

Alerts and Monitoring System 24/7

Data backups, restoration and recovery.

Personal DBA Services

Report (Power BI, Reports System) Data Security (Cryptographic Chest).


Support and Administration of the LAN, WiFi, SD-WAN.

Installation and connectivity, interoperability.

Routing and Switching.

Secure connections between sites (VPN).

Infrastructure Monitoring.

Structured cabling.

Contact us today and let us understand the requirements of your project, to diligently advise you on the best course you can take to achieve your desired goals.